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In a world invaded by eye-eating monsters, you are the only brave enough duo to rise up and fight back, despite your eye loss!

Face monster encounters with your buddy and cooperate in order to survive. Communication is key!

Two distinct roles

The Visionary

Your strong resolve has granted you the blessing of BlindSight to see the monsters! Play as the Visionary and wield a giant shield to defend from the monsters' bites and slashes. Protect your buddy while describing the monsters to them, as only you are able to see them. Blocking monster attacks have a chance to stun the monster, which allows your buddy to defeat them!

The Deadeye

Your strong aptitude has granted you the blessing of BlindSight to see the monsters' weaknesses! Play as the Deadeye and conjure the perfect elemental spell to defeat the monster. Listen to your buddy's monster descriptions and consult with your monster manual in order to learn their weakness. The monsters are only vulnerable while stunned, so time your attack well!



Tilt shield left/right - OR - left/right arrow key to block monster attacks

Describe the monster

Successful blocks have a chance to stun the monster


Flip through the monster manual pages to find the monster.

Check the combination of elements required to kill it.

Press both elements at the same time when monster is stunned in order to kill it.

"Q" - Fire | "W" - Shock | "E" - Water | "1" - Earth | "2" - Air


- a game by The Trieye Trio:

Tedi Bilyarov - Product Owner, Programmer

Sima Akter - Project Manager, Scrum Master

Erika Lönn - Designer

Linn Ekman - Graphic Designer

Cory Szczepanska - Graphic Designer

Nike Landaeus - Graphic Designer

(Shadow Member) Mohammed Diab - Music Composer

P.S. This is an arcade game with custom-built controllers/inputs. 


Build12.rar 31 MB

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